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There’s no blueprint on how to navigate your career. It bends and twists with momentum, but sometimes you need strategic intervention to take it to where your ambition is seeking. We help place you where you should be. It’s a simple statement complicated by the reality of job progression and development.

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Place Me is the natural extension of Black Wolf Group. With a team of experienced recruiters and support crew, BWG and Place Me has proven success across all industries, consulting to all sizes of companies and placing candidates from Blue, White and Grey collar positions to Graduate to the Executive level, including C-Suite.

With our Head Office based on the Gold Coast and offices based in major cities throughout Australia, our capability and network extend not only Nationally but also Internationally.

From our extensive experience, we know that our customers are looking for delivery partners who provide professional, quality, cost-efficient and safe solutions. We pride ourselves on our thorough process combined with an authentic and genuine approach and believe these attributes are critical to any successful relationship.

How it all started

How we help

We pride ourselves on delivering a tailored experience to assist you at whatever career stage you are at, from entering (and re-entering) the job market, progressing your current career trajectory and even stepping out into business ownership. We are a complete lifecycle agency that can step in at every stage of your career to push you to where you need to go.

Our experienced team of career advisors support you by:

  • Helping navigate the windy roads around job searching and applying for positions.
  • Working through your next career choice and how to best transition.
  • Providing advice around moving into a management or leadership role.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Negotiating Offers and Salary increases at performance reviews.
  • Providing advice around re-entering the workforce.
  • How to build your professional brand on LinkedIn and other Social Media channels.
  • Helping with a constructive plan around gaining more experience or transitioning to a new position or career choice.
  • Getting support around moving from a Corporate to a Start Up/Entrepreneurship.
  • Helping you shift into a management or executive leadership role.

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