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Strategies for c-suite jobseekers

Having the right skills and experience for a job will only get job seekers so far without a well-executed approach. 

This is especially the case for C-level executives who want to be at the top with fewer positions available. Not to forget that executives can make the same mistakes as any other applicant on the hunt for a new job; let’s look at strategies that can help C-level professionals land their next role. 

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know on the internet

Gone are the days of printing a resume and handing it into prospective employers. In 2022, everyone worth their salt has their own online portfolio and in corporate land, the number one place to share your skillset and offerings is LinkedIn. 

If used correctly, the platform may just be your golden ticket to your next C-level position and at the least, it’s sure to put you on the radar of those who can help get you there.

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn seriously penalises users who don’t engage in its content in that the less you like, share, comment or message other users, the less visible you become. 

Taking time to share updates about projects you have a hand in, events, where you gained insight and even sharing wins from your peers, will help you stand out against competitors. 

Championing others on the platform will also help increase your visibility and reach new connections – a simple ‘congratulations’ comment on a colleague or acquaintance’s post is a simple way of gaining exposure while building rapport at the same time. 

If you don’t have a LinkedIn already or your profile is outdated, now is the time to get on board and give it a refresh.

Time to show it off

As a seasoned professional, chances are you’ve had various jobs throughout your career and these might be across different industries and different roles. With plenty of experience to showcase, your competition has as much or possibly more.

This is why your resume must highlight your most valuable assets and experience that are most relevant to the role. 

While this might be obvious, knowing how to structure your resume effectively and portfolio can be challenging for the best of us. At Place Me, our experienced team of career advisors supports you by helping you through this process. 

We will also help you build your professional brand on LinkedIn and other Social Media channels.

At Place Me, we assist executives by

  • Goal mapping
  • Portfolio invigoration
  • Consulting services
  • External transitioning
  • Internal progression
  • Portfolio invigoration
  • Team development
  • Performance reviews
  • Culture assessments
  • Succession planning

If you’re really looking to up your game and take on new challenges, we can help you get prepared. With a range of tools to help guide you, refresh your knowledge in the current market and really give you the confidence you need, look no further than our professional team at Place Me.

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