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Managing stress and expectations in a new job environment

Starting a new job is exciting. You’ve made it through the interview process, accepted an offer and before you know it, being introduced to an office full of new faces.  With that excitement can also come feelings of dread or anxiety. Coming from a role you’re confident and comfortable in, to a role where you’re […]

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All the best tips you need for your next salary negotiation

Wherever you are on your career trajectory, there is always an opportunity to change or progress. Your approach to negotiating salary can play a crucial part in this. We’ve shared our top tips for successful salary negotiation to help you navigate this process and achieve your desired outcome.

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Strategies for c-suite jobseekers

Having the right skills and experience for a job will only get job seekers so far without a well-executed approach. This is especially the case for C-level executives who want to be at the top with fewer positions available. Let’s look at strategies that can help C-level professionals land their next role. 

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Looking after your mental wellbeing while job hunting

Whether you are without a job or desperate for a change, if you are searching for your next job, you are under some form of stress. Stress usually results from rejections, not hearing back from recruiters on time, hours on applications, writing custom cover letters, interviews and even pressure from lack of income (if you’re unemployed).

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Expert Insight: Job interview preparation, tips and more! 

If you think most hiring decisions are based on your experience and qualifications, then you better keep reading. Your resume gets your foot in the door, but how you interview determines whether you’re offered the job or not. 

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Tips for writing an impressive CV

Getting that dream job can seem like an impossible task. We’re here to change that. Give yourself a real advantage by following our tips on how to write an impressive CV.

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How to deal with job rejection and plan your next steps

Being turned down for a job is tough, especially when you don’t know why your application is rejected. The good news is that if you’re wondering how to get over rejection from a job, there are steps you can take to stay positive while you continue to look for a position that’s right for you.

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Should you look to a recruiter for your next role?

Finding the job you want is hard. Whether you’re looking to enter the workforce or leave your current position, the excitement for a new career is often overthrown by the daunting task of job searching. The thought of sifting through job ads, putting more time into perfecting your resume, and sitting around waiting for the […]

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Second Interview Jitters: How to relax and stay ahead of the pack

Getting called back for a second interview can be overwhelming and it is completely normal for a multitude of competing thoughts to be circulating your mind. “Maybe I’ve got a good chance”, followed quickly by, “Hang on, how many other candidates also got called back?”. Then, the self-doubt and second-guessing tends to set in. This […]

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What makes a winning LinkedIn profile?

No matter what stage of your career you’re at, you will always need a LinkedIn profile that stands out. With over 660 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is easily the largest professional network in the world. If you are serious about your career path and professional advancement, a LinkedIn profile that is optimised and up to […]

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