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Expert Insight: Job interview preparation, tips and more! 

If you think most hiring decisions are based on your experience and qualifications, then you better keep reading. Your resume gets your foot in the door, but how you interview determines whether you’re offered the job or not. 

Job Interview Preparation 

Each step below will help you prepare for the actual interview. None of this is very time-consuming; however, it will set you apart from all the other candidates and make it easier for the company to hire you: 

• Research the company
• Think of three reasons you’re interested in the company and position.
• Think of an explanation for why you’re job searching
• Prepare to talk about specific accomplishments
• Get familiar with your resume.

Job interview Tips

After you have mentally prepared yourself with the interviewing tips mentioned earlier, let’s now discuss how to pass a job interview after it begins:

• Prepare to describe your work history briefly
• Explain why you’re interested in interviewing with them
• Answer technical questions
• Ask your own questions at the end
• Always act like you want the job
• Don’t ask for feedback on the spot
• Learn the interviewer’s name and use it.
• Be upfront and use clear language
• Never badmouth
• Make everything about them. 

Tips for after your interview 

Once your interview is done and you’ve left the room, there are still a few things you should do to boost your chance of getting a callback. These interview tips will help you impress the employer after the interview is over: 

• Always thank the interviewer
• Act interested but not desperate while waiting for feedback
• Send any supporting documents
• Contact your references.

If you’ve followed these job interview tips, you’re in great shape to pass your following interview and get the job offer. Don’t forget motivation; how you can explain yourself and the reason you’re interviewing are just as important as your actual skill set. 

By using these interview tips and strategies above, you can beat out somebody with more experience and a more impressive resume because job interviewing is a different skill – a skill that you’ve spent time mastering!